Volume (11) / No.1  
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 Kawkab A. Hussain
Prediction of Dipole Moment (μ) for Aniline substituted, Calculation theory and ( QSPR) Techniques. 

Hassan Kamil Jassim

 Hussein Khashan Kadhim


Application of Local Fractional Variational Iteration ethod for Solving Fredholm integral equations Involving
Local Fractional Operators


Zainab Ali kadhem

Abbas Mohsin Abbas

Murtada Hafedh Hussein

Estimation of urinary citrate , calcium and PH levels in diabetic patients and the risk of urinary stone formation in correlation with type of disease
  4  Shehla Mohsin Abdul Sahib
 Compensation Strategies Used by EFL Learners in Speaking and Listening Skills

Hayder Hussein Azeez

Wijdan R.Abdulhussien

 Designing Open Data Mobile Prototype as a Tool to enhance Transparency in Dhi-Qar: Investment Commission as a Case Study 5

 Sa'ad Salman Abdullah

Adawyia Sattar Abood

Hedges as Modality and Point of View in Narratives in Terms of Simpson's Model 6

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