Design and Implementation of Z-Wave Sniffer on TI-CC1125 Transceiver


  • Ali Kareem Abdulrazzaq Collage of Engineering / Thi-Qar University


Smart Home, Z-Wave, RX Sniff Mode, Wake on Radio, and CC1125 Transceiver.


This paper proposed a new smart home master control system based on Z-wave network and the TI-CC1125 transceiver. The smart home system includes lighting system, security system, smoke sensors, environment control and other equipment which are connected to a wireless communication network. Instead of having a specific controller for each system, in this paper we suggest having a master controller that monitor all systems status via sniffing their transceiver signals.  Z-wave is the selected communication technology for this research. The Texas instrument lower power consumption transceiver (TI-CC1125) is used for this purpose in the sniffer mode of operation. Smart RF Studio 7 and the Code Composer Studio (CCS), both produced by Texas Instrument, are used for programming the Transceiver. The sniffed packets are displayed by the on-board LCD screen as well as the on PC application over UART interface, which can be processed later for a specific function.