Effect of long term Administration of hydrocortisone on some organs in females rats


  • Rana Talib Al-Muswie College of Dentistry, Thi-Qar University, Iraq


Hydrocortisone, (Rattusnorvegicus), liver, kidney, spleen, lung


Exposure of glucocorticoids leads to numerous changes in various biological and histological.. Our results were observed , no morphological damage was observed in liver of the rats in the control group In the animals that treated with low dose of HC there were moderate changes in the hepatocytes, while in the animals that treated with high dose of HC vacuolation of hepatocytes (V) with congestion of central and sinusoids. The changes in the kidney section, the control group was within the normal histological limits. there were minimum dilatation and  congestion of glomeruli was found in low dose , But that were treated with high dose of hydrocortisone sodium succinate, Increased Numbers of Nuclei, glomerular degeneration of some glomeruli and revealed dilatation of renal cortical tubules. Also in the section of spleen in the control group as white pulp was within normal limits ,but there were minimum atrophy of white pulp lymphoid tissue in the low dose animals ,and there was severe atrophy of white pulp lymphoid tissue of animals that were treated with high dose group compared with control group.

The histology  investigation of the lung sections had shown there were some  changes in tissues such as ,  in case of the low dose at two month of treatment showed thickening to the wall alveoli, congestion in blood vessel. We showed infiltration of inflammatory cells in the inter alveolar septa, congestion in the capillaries, sloughing in the epithelium of some bronchioles, thickening to the wall alveoli and emphysema in the animals that treated with high dose of HC compare with normal rat lung, showing normal structure such as normal alveoli and normal bronchiole,. In the present study we found the prolonged used of hydrocortisone sodium succinate side effect and events histochane in some of organs. As a conclusion for this study ,use of hydrocortisone for prolong deu to a lots of histopathology changesin Liver, kidney, spleen, lung.