Study of Physiological and Histological Changes in Male Rats (Rattus norvegicus) After Carbonated and Energy Beverages Drinking


  • Fatima Aziz Mahdi Al-badry Biology Department /College of Education for Pure Sciences / University of Thi-Qar


Carbonated beverages, Sperm, Histological changes


This study was conducted to detect the effect of Pepsi cola and Tiger beverages drinking in some physiological parameters and histopathological changes in male rats , thirty two male rats were used which divided into four groups , for each group included eight animals (n=8) the first group administrated physiological saline as control group , the second group administrated (1mL) Pepsi cola , the third group administrated two doses of  Pepsi cola by (1mL) in each dose and the duration between these two doses was 4 hours while the fourth group administrated (1mL) Tiger beverage. The results of present study showed a significant increasing (P?0.05) in body weight, sperm malformations, urea concentration, glucose level and triglycerides in treated groups by Pepsi and Tiger beverages compared with control group. Also, the results found a significant decreasing (P?0.05) in the sperm count , ALT , AST, ALP , albumin level and total protein of treated groups (second , third and fourth groups) compared with control group , While observed non-significant increasing in creatinine concentration and cholesterol level of treated groups (second , third and fourth groups) compared with control group .

          The results showed that treatment of male rats by Pepsi and Tiger beverages caused histological changes in testes  such as necrosis of epithelia , destroyed and increasing the thickness of interstitial tissue , congestion and reduction of spermatocytes . In kidneys that included congestion , infiltration of inflammatory cells , reduce , absence and death of glomeruli , enlargement of Bowman's space and hemorrhage . While in liver that comprised inflammation, congestion, enlargement of sinusoids, hypertrophy of nuclei for hepatocytes and hemorrhage.