Proposed Smart Technique for Traffic Light System


  • Ahmed Ali Saihood Thi-Qar University, Collage of Computer and Mathematics


Traffic Light, Zigbee, LDR, CDMA, TDMA.


 these days’ jam in traffics is big problem in all countries. This traffic jam because of delay in red signal in intersections because it programmed with static period of time for each street in intersections and not depended on how many vehicles in concerned traffic.

In this paper we suggested new algorithm to enhance vehicles following through sample intersections distributed in somehow and connected using Zigbee technique, each intersection contains laser sensors to count the number of vehicles passed thorough each street in each intersection during period of time then transmit the number of vehicles passed to adjusted neighbors of intersections and receive the number of vehicles in adjusted intersections and then count the appropriate delay time and distribute to the streets depending on number of vehicles passed on that street and adjusted street in neighbor intersection.

After simulation of suggested technique, we got the delay time required for vehicles to wait in each intersection is reduced by 67 % and that reduce the consumption of fuel by almost 60 %.