Study the Effect of Dexamethasone on the External morphology features at different Embryonic Developmental stages in the Swiss Albino Mice Embryos.


  • Ali Naeem Salman Collage of Nursing University of Thi qar
  • Sada Ghaleb Taher Al-mosaui Biology dept.- Collage of education for pure science University of Thi qar


Dexamethasone, Albino Mice Embryos.


      The current study was conducted for the period from September 2015 until August 2016 in college of Education for Pure Sciences - University of Thi- Qar, this study aimed to fallow the changes on the External morphology features at different Embryonic Developmental stages when the pregnant mice treated with different doses of Dexamethasone (Dex). Use In the current study, sixty pregnant mice were randomly divided into four groups and each group of 15 pregnant mice. Given the members of each group specific dose of Dex and at different time periods, while the control group injected with a solution of Normal Saline 0.9%, all animals received doses used by tail intravenous injection until the end of the time periods specified. The treatment of animals under the same conditions were determined dose based on body weight, according to what is stated in the pharmaceutical constitutions. The results of statistical analysis at the level of probability (p<0.05) to different doses Dexamethasone show there is an negative effects on mice embryo's body weights and the lengths increase with increasing of number and doses concentrations. using of different doses of Dex showed various changes on general external morphological features and congenital malformation in embryos of treated mothers included: Death of embryos , Letter C Shape Embryos , Head hemorrhage , placenta damage , Neural Tube Defect, Trunk Torsion, curved head , Brain hypertrophy , Liver  Hypertrophy , swelling , Short nostril and limbs, Convoluted Tail, Oedema ,Wrinkled skin,  absent fingers and eyelids, Crooked pave, Short toes, Seal legs appearance , Tail congestion , Bulging eyes.