Double Slope Solar Still: Study, Design and Improve Productivity


  • Jamal Suheel Abd Al- rukabie Sumer university,college of basic education


Two identical of double slope solar stills with same specifications were designed to study and improve their productivity to produce fresh water (drinking water) from salty water especially in the regions where the fresh water is low or unavailable such as south of IRAQ.

One of the two solar stills was subjected to modifications in order to increase the productivity of drinking water and to compare with non-modified solar still. Covering the basin of solar still with black piece of cloth increase the productivity up to( 22.35 percent). By adding charcoal powder on top of black piece of cloth the productivity was increased( 34.21 percent). However, the productivity was increased to (16.69 percent) when two reflections mirror was used.

Also, thermal efficiency of solar still was calculated. The highest value of( 34.13 percent) was achieved when modifications applied.

In this project, the chemical and physical properties of the water before and after distillation were analyzed. The double slope solar still produced fresh and drinkable water.

Keywords : Double slope solar still , black paint , Charcoal powder , black cloth , Design , Improve Productivity.