Study of Dielectric properties for porous silicon prepared by Anodization


  • Salah M. Abd Ulaziz University of Sumer/Natural Sciences Department Thi-Qar / Iraq


Dielectric; capacitance; dielectric; loss tangent.


The nanostructure for porous silicon (PS) films is produced by anodization of p-type silicon chip with current consistency (15 mA/cm2), etching time  about 10 min and HF concentration (32%) to  the formation nanosized pore order with a dimension of around few hundreds nanometric. The films were featured by the measurement of atomic force microscopy (AFM) in the Baghdad university, X-Ray diffraction (XRD) and FTIR spectroscopy characteristics in the technological university. I am having appraising crystallites size from XRD about nanoscale for porous silicon and AFM proves the nanometric size.

Chemical fictionalizations through the electrochemical etching clear on superficies chemical structure of PS. The etching possess disproportionate microstructures that include Si-H clusters in (Si3-SiH),   sparse in amorphous silica matrix and Si-H2 scissor mode. From the FTIR testing appeared that the Si suspending bonds of the as- produced PS layer have massive quantities of Hydrogen to form weak Si–H bonds related to Si–H stretch (Si3-SiH) and Si-H stretch (Si2-SiH).

The AC electrical properties were measured with LCR meter analyzer the frequency between 50 Hz and 5 MHz. for capacitance, dielectric and loss tangent (tan ?D) to balk silicon and porous silicon have been done in the ministry of science and technology.