Levels of some heavy metals in autistic patients in Nasiriya City, Southern Iraq.


  • Afaq T. Farhood Pathological Analysis Department –College of Science - University of Thi-Qar.


Autism, Autistic spectrum disorders (ASD), Heavy metals.


The aim was to assess the blood levels of heavy metals (Copper – Zinc and lead)  in autistic patients where have these metals could be correlated with this disease.

This study was conducted on 498 autistic  patients aged between  1-16  years  of both sexes , at the autism center in Thi-qar health department official center during 2016 .

Blood samples were collected from patients analyzed for Pb , Cu , Zn .

The results showed  increase in the levels of  (Cu- Zn and Pb) :  Pb> Cu>Zn  .

The result   also, showed that  there is a relationship between the disease and the age, where the age group (4-6 years) recorded the highest percentage, as well as the relationship of a positive correlation with (A blood group) as follows A > B>  AB > O , the sex percentage was recorded that  (9 :1)  males :females .

The conclusion of  this  high  percentage of male to female might be  due to sex–affected or from environmental impacts which are have more influence on males .