Study of Some Histological Properties of Skeletal Muscles in a Fish Gymnura micrura

  • Yasser Wsfee Ouda Basrah University / Education College / Qurna
Keywords: Gymnura micrura, Red muscle fibers, White muscle fibers.


The present study showed some histological properties of skeletal muscles in Gymnura micrura belong to the family Dasyatidae, specimens of fish collected from the AL-Fao area in Iraqi territorial waters with assistance from a fisherman. The results declare two types of cartilage that can be distinguished: hyaline cartilage, which constitutes a large percentage of the cartilage mass, in addition to the presence of another type, the elastic cartilage. The results showed that the diameter of red muscle fibers alternated between (22.30 - 37.17 microns), while it alternated between (44.61 – 104.09 microns) of the white muscle fibers diameter in studied fish, this difference possibly attributed to the functional role of white and red muscle fibers and their effect in the mechanics of movement.