The effect suggested exercises to develop some motor abilities and learning some free skills in the rhythmic gymnastic of female students


  • Suhair Salman


The rhythmic gymnastic, Skills, Exercises, Kinetic abilities, Developm


The aim of the study is to prepare suggested exercises for the development of some motor abilities and learn some free skills in the rhythmic gymnastic for the first stage students. The Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences / Dhi-Qar University. The research community consisted of 40 students. (4) students, and the number of female (2) students, and participants in the pilot experiment and the number (10) students, The remaining number is (24) students divided into two groups of control and experimental, the researcher came to a set of conclusions, the most important of which is the use of proposed exercises aimed at the nature of fun and competition used on the experimental group has directly and significantly in performance, which led to the improvement and development of motor abilities And the improvement in the performance of students in the post-test, there were significant differences between the pretest and the remote and for the benefit of the post-test and the experimental group, In addition to the performance of the experimental exercises, the study showed that there were significant differences in the post-test between the experimental group and the control group and in the interest of the experimental group in the development of motor characteristics (agility, flexibility, balance, compatibility). The proposed exercise has developed better than the traditional curriculum.



2020-12-06 — Updated on 2021-07-26