Impact of the Information Systems Management on the Effectiveness of Human Resources


  • Ali Gatea Southern Technical University, Technical Institute
  • Wiam Abdel-Hussein Southern Technical University


Information systems, efficiency, human resources


      The research dealt with management information systems with their dimensions (recruitment subsystem, training subsystem, motivation subsystem) and their role in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of human resources in its dimensions (performance effectiveness, decision-making), and testing the relationship and influence between the dimensions of management information systems and the effectiveness of human resources in the research sample And knowing the extent to which the information environment provides in support of human resources and the extent of its contribution to achieving and enhancing employee inclusion. Research applied to a sample consisting of (66) people from human resources personnel and used the questionnaire form as a tool for data collection. The importance of the research lies in that it came out with an intellectual background of the nature of its variables, and the need to develop, motivate and encourage human resources by clarifying how the organization works in a way that contributes to knowledge and increases employee affiliation, and that management information systems are the interface of the organization in the governance of administrative decision-making, which can be Its way of clarifying the objectives of the organization and in line with its productive nature, whether service, industrial, educational or commercial.