Preparation and Characterization of New Ligand Azo-Schiff-2- Naphthol and Mixed Complexes With Ortho- Aminophenol and Ortho-Aminobenzoic Acid


  • Abdulshaheed Batay
  • Mohamed Al-hasan


Schiff base, azomethine, Thermal analyses


The work covered the synthesis and characterization many complexes of mixed ligands   with some ions such as Co(II), Ni (II), Cu(II) and Zn(II) metals with new homocyclic azo - azomethine ligand 1-((E)-(4-((Z)-1-(p-tolylimino) ethyl) phenyl) diazenyl) naphthalen-2-ol(TEPDN) and ligand (HL2 =4-Aminoacetophenone ) at (1:1:1)  ratio of  (M: L1: L2) the complexes was characterized by  using elemental analysis Uv-Vis and infrared spectra also their prepared complexes war measured by using the same methods in addition of  molar conductance measurements, magnetic susceptibility and determined of metal percent in complexes. The physic- chemical studies and spectra  data indicate that ( TEPDN ) ligand and another ligand acts as monobasic bidentate ligand after deprotonated of hydroxyl group