Selected Antenatal Health Care Parameters of Pregnant Women’s in Duhok Province, Iraq


  • Saad Alsoufi


Antenatal Care, Pregnant Mothers, PHC


The health care for the hovering women means the health services provided during pregnancy and includes careful monitoring of the mother's health and the health of her fetus throughout pregnancy, as the research aims to evaluate these services through selected indicators of health care during pregnancy in Dohuk Governorate - Iraq, and a cross-sectional field study was conducted. To evaluate the data collected for more than 225 cases related to the level of education and the extent of adherence to the instructions and instructions for the care of pregnant women correctly, assuming the existence of a significant statistical relationship of significant level of education, personal hygiene, family planning, physical stress, personal habits, nutrition and primary health care The study found the importance of education for pregnant women during pregnancy and the need to adhere to follow-up as planned according to the research standards, and the research recommends emphasizing the importance of adopting the standards referred to by all medical personnel involved in caring for pregnant women in primary health care centers.