Analysis of the economic and social conditions of the displaced in Iraq for the period 2014-2015


  • Sabiha Dhahad


The research aims to identify the plight of internally displaced persons in Iraq and to highlight the size of the study of the causes and effects social and economic for displaced people and try to formulate Strategy proposed to contain the phenomenon of displacement through a survey the views of a sample composed of 78 individuals who have informed this phenomenon and through the national survey data for the displaced accomplished by the Central Bureau of Statistics and the data obtained from the matrix trace of Displaced, which is the information tool of the international Organization for migration ( international organization for migration ) for the period from January 2014 until April 2015 it was to display this data tables statistically to get to the results of the study. The results show That the internal displacement problem is one of the most dangerous phenomena in Iraqi society and the danger is to increase the flow and continuity and lack of control of the containment , the study many of the most important results showed that internal displacement in Iraq , a collective phenomenon that do not fit a particular age group and both sexes were born displacement great suffering for displaced people , including political and security healthy and economical ... etc., the researcher provided a set of recommendations , the most important of the formation of an emergency body permanent for all crises and disasters are expected to occur in the state and the crisis is not a temporary cell.