The Impact Of Total Quality Management Critical Success Factors In Higher Education Institutions Performance In Iraq


  • Fatihallah Jaleel Mhwise College Of Computers Science And Mathematics, Thi-Qar University


Quality management, organizational performance, higher education, satisfaction, work environment


In today’s modern era, technology is changing rapidly and there is a great demand of creative ability in the management of higher education institutions. However, the higher education over recent decades has indicate a significant expansion accompanied by an increase in the number of students and academic affiliates, but it is noted that this expansion has not been matched with an improvement in the quality of education, even though the education was still the main progress of any nation. However, Iraqi higher education institutions had not started adopting the TQM philosophy it is yet to be seen whether Iraqi, with their less aggressive and more complacent attitude, have gained more or less from TQM, compared with other organizations in other  countries, which need quick results .However , Iraqi have adopted the TQM philosophy in the recommended copybook style. Until recently, a few studies had examined the TQM philosophy in the Iraqi context. The gap in the literature is hardly surprising given that research and theory in TQM implementation are still at an infant stage. Nevertheless, it is obvious from previous studies that majority of the higher education organizations in developing countries that implement TQM have viewed the benefits of TQM in various ways. To cope with this situation, there is an urgent need for Iraqi higher institutions to change the way they operate. The ultimate aim of this research is to study the total quality management (TQM) concept and argues that its application is the critical need of the Iraqi higher education institutions and to examine the impact of  application of (TQM) and its core elements, represented by Management commitment and leadership, Employee involvement, Continuous improvement, quality assurance and management, Customer Focus and Communications, Education and training on performance , in higher education institute in Iraq.



2021-07-26 — Updated on 2021-07-26