Effect of some chemical pesticides and plant extracts on hard ticks Hyalomma anatolicum anatolicum on cows and buffaloes in Basrah governorate


  • Ghazwan Faisal Alsaedi Date Palm Research Center\ University of Basrah
  • Muhammd Alwan Salmen College of Agriculture \ University of Basrah
  • Majed Safaih Shenawa


ticks, chemical pesticides, plant extracts, Hyalomma anatolicum anatolicum


The study evaluated the effect of some chemical pesticides and plant extracts against hard ticks (Ixodidae) that infested cows and buffaloes.The results showed that Actapoor SL2 % exceeded Mlathion SL1% in delivering the highest mortality ratio, reaching (98.26% and 69.86%) respectively. The highest mortality ratio of Actapoor SL2 % (99.74%) was recorded at a concentration of 5% compared to Mlathion SL1%, which recorded its highest mortality ratio (74.93%) at 100 % concentration. The results showed significant differences among plant extracts in the effectiveness against ticks. The highest mortality percentage (11.82 %) was recorded using chinaberry extract. In comparison, the extracts of Indian Privet and eucalyptus had the lowest mortality percentages of (4.37% and 2.39%) respectively. There were no significant differences with regard to the concentrations and the treatment periods that were used to apply the plant extracts.