A spectroscopic study of the effect of Er+3 ions concentration on the optical and structural properties of nanoTiO2


  • Mohammed F. H. Department of Physics, College of Science, Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad, Iraq


Erbium, rare earths, optical attributes, TiO2nanoparticle,Fluorescent materials, optical properties.


Er3+doped TiO2 composites were synthesized by using the simple mixing process in order to study the effect of a rare earth metal ions (erbium) on the spectroscopic and structural properties of nano titanium dioxide. Three distinct erbium concentrations “10-2, 10-3, and 10-4 gm/cm3” were used for the spectroscopy study of TiO2Er+3 compounds.. The corresponding fluorescence emission spectra were measured and compared using an excitation wavelength at 350 nm. The effect of Er+3 concentration on the composition and optical properties of nano-TiO2 was studied. Structural and spectroscopic analysis confirm the presence of Er3+ in the composition and that it plays an important role in the upward shift of fluorescence. X-ray diffraction was used to examine the structural features of this material. In the XRD patterns, there were no extra peaks related to any polymorph of TiO2 or contaminants, demonstrating that Er3+ was effectively integrated as a dopant. Through this work, the possibility of the existence of titanium nanoparticles doped with rare earths for optical applications becomes clear.