Study The Effect of Cytomegalovirus and Luteinizing Hormone on Pregnancy and Spontaneously Abortion Assay by ELISA Technique


  • Ahmed Naser Fayad Thi-Qar university- College of Science- Department of Pathology Analysis


In this study indirect  ELISA  test was conducted on 118 serum samples for Cytomegalovirus collected from women in different ages and cases in Bent AL-Huda hospital. Indirect ELISA was applied on all these samples depending on the optical density (OD) value of sera previously prepared  from blood of well know healthy and non-vaccinated women.  According to ages groups the higher ratio are (56.5%) was observed in first age group. A highly significant differences were observed in the seropositivity concerning to age groups (P< 0.01). According to Cases groups the higher ratio of seropositivity were found in women (75.61%) was observed in Recurrent abortion and then in Bleeding (75 %). The Quantitative ELISA test was used to detect the Luteinizing hormone as antigens in same serum samples.  the higher rate of Luteinizing hormone positivity was observed in the last age groups (83.33%). there was a highly significant difference between the ages groups. Depending  on Cases the higher rate of Luteinizing hormone positivity was (87.50%) in bleeding case , there was highly significant  difference in the Luteinizing hormone in Cases groups of Quantitative ELISA